Listbuilding for Fun and Profit

One thing I have learned, (the hard way!), during all the time I have been an Internet Marketer is that “the money is in the list”.

I’m sure you might have heard that saying before, and it’s 100% true.

Once you have built an email list of “hungry prospects” who are interested in what you have to offer and look forward to your emails, it’s like owning your own ATM machine… 😊

Seriously it is. 😉

If you need to make some money for the end of the week, what do you do?

It’s simple, you put together a broadcast email with an affiliate promotion for a useful quality product that your subscribers will benefit from, (and that you will earn an affiliate commission from). Then you simply send it to your email list and tell them to check it out.

BOOM! Just like that you have made yourself some money… 😊

What I’ve written above is not news to anyone who has been doing affiliate marketing for any length of time.

However, the real question then becomes: “Ok, so how do I build an email list?”

The simple answer is that you need to drive traffic to a squeeze page with a valuable offer that people are interested in.

Now the problem.

Although there are many different ways to drive traffic to your squeeze page, in the end they all cost either money and/or time.

The reality is that unless you have a lot of experience in email marketing it can be hard to make money from your list straight away from the “get go”.

You first have to build up a relationship with your email subscribers to make sure that they trust you and your product recommendations.

That’s why so many people fail in list building. They try to sell something to people immediately after they have signed up, without first having built up any trust with their subscribers.



You can do this by using and Indocrtrination series of emails. This is basically a number of emails that you use to tell your story and let your customers get to know you.

You can also send some great value articles and even tips and tricks that you use in your marketing that gets results.

This will help your subscribers get to know like and trust you and then they will trust what you recommend to them and sometimes purchase.

You have started building a valuable email list, and you can now easily increase your income by promoting other affiliate offers that are appealing to your list by sending broadcast emails from inside your GetResponse account.

Find quality products on the Warriorforum, JVZoo, Clickbank and other affiliate portals. Apply to become an affiliate and then email your list.

Simple but effective, and it almost IS like owning your own ATM Machine, ready to spit out money on demand! 😉

Here are some important tips to consider regarding your email list:

1. Only ever promote products that you truly believe will help your subscribers.

Don’t just promote any crappy offer that is currently the top earner in terms of EPC (Earnings Per Click) on the affiliate networks.

Your credibility is important, and so is karma!

Treat your subscribers like you would treat a friend, and the way you want to be treated yourself.

There are plenty of GREAT products, (including info products, software and physical products), that will be valuable to your subscribers and enhance their lives and improve their business. Focus on these types of products.

2. Don’t be afraid to sell!

Some people make the mistake of thinking that their subscribers will be offended if they offer them something to buy.

Don’t fall into this trap!

As long as you promote quality products that will help your subscribers, they will be happy.

By sending promotional emails fairly regularly you will also get your subscribers used to buying from your affiliate links, which is important.

3. Send your subscribers a free PLR book or report, or a link to a great article or video once in a while.

Doing this will enhance your credibility with your subscribers, and with Yoonla you already have 3 valuable free reports that you can send to your subscribers to help build your relationship with them.

4. Don’t be afraid to get personal with your subscribers.

People buy from people, and they prefer to buy from people that they like! So let your personality shine through, and don’t be afraid of being yourself! 😊

5. Be happy when you see people unsubscribe from your email list!


These people were clearly not a good fit with you, or they just wanted the freebie report you gave them.

It is FAR more valuable to have a smaller number of QUALITY subscribers who listen to you and read your emails than a big list who don’t care about your emails.

6. Tell stories in your emails.

People love stories, so include some personal stories from your life and weave them into email promotions you send.

7. Re-send emails to those who haven’t opened your email after about 48 hours.

When you send a broadcast email from your GetResponse account and only get a 7% open rate, don’t despair!

It COULD be that your email list is of pretty poor quality, depending on the traffic sources you used, (always try to drive TARGETED traffic to your squeeze page).

However, it might just be that your subject line sucked, and people didn’t want to open your email because it didn’t seem interesting to them.

Segment those subscribers who didn’t open your first email after 48 hours and re-send it with a new improved subject line.

This tip alone can easily double your sales! 😃

8. Keep in touch with your list!

This one is an important one that is easy to fall foul of, but if your subscribers don’t hear from you regularly they WILL forget about you.

If they forget about you, you don’t only lose the majority or all of that trust you had built up with your subscribers, but you are also going to get more spam complaints.

When people eventually do get an email from you and don’t recognise it some of them will hit the Spam button, and this puts your GetResponse account at risk.

Email your list at least once or twice per week.

Good luck!