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A carpenter is one of the most necessary and most used of all building trades due to their specialised knowledge and the techniques that they use when working with wood. Here is what you need to know about carpentry.

A carpenter is one of the most necessary and most used of all building trades due to their specialised knowledge and the techniques that they use when working with wood. Here is what you need to know about carpentry.


Types of Carpentery


Rough carpentry 

Rough carpentry is all work that doesn't require a neat finish as it will be covered up by walls or other items. 

Structural carpentry is the most common type of rough carpentry and these carpenters are very skilled in quickly erecting the structural components of a building, such as beams, posts and rafters. Rough carpenters commonly work in roofing and framing.

Trim carpentry 

A trim carpenter is one that specialises in installing the trims and mouldings into a room such as mantles, skirting boards, cornices, architraves, ornamental trim and so forth.

Green carpentry 

A green carpenter is a carpenter that is skilled and trained in the same way as a standard carpenter but they have a particular interest and skill set in using environmentally sustainable methods and materials in their projects.

Scenic carpentry 

Scenic carpenters specialise in the erecting and dismantling of scenery and sets that are used in films, television, and plays.

Ship's carpentry 

A ship's carpenter is one that specialises in shipbuilding, maintenance and repair techniques. They are needed on steel ships as well as wooden ships.

Other common carpentry types

However, that's not all. Sometimes, carpentry gets split up between not the work themselves but also the phases they're used in, for example first fix vs second fix carpentry. 

What is first fix carpentry?

First fix carpentry refers to the first phase (of two) that are needed to build a house. 

First fix carpentry includes a lot of rough carpentry work, such as framework, windows, staircases and floating floors. 

After this has been completed, other tradies can come onto the site to do their work, such as plasterers and electricians. 

What is second fix carpentry?

Second fix carpenters come onto the job site to finish off the work. They do a lot of the finish carpentry, including formwork and cabinetmaking. 

Jobs like installing doors, laying floorboards, creating and installing skirting boards and finishing off staircases are all done in this phase. 

What is shuttering carpentry?

A shuttering carpenter is another name for a formwork carpenter. In some circles, 'shuttering' is used rather than 'formwork', but each does the same work.

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